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  • Testimonials

    Nicholas Cioffredi, Senior Structural Engineer for Stantec
    “Stantec wants to thank Harken for the Power Seat use during the O’Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bridge inspection this past January. The numerous long ascents of approximately 300+’ were made significantly easier with the use of the Power Seat. This enabled our staff to stay fresh, more alert and ultimately safer. The increased efficiency during long ascents lessens fatigue and may allow operators to function with smaller staff increasing cost savings to their customers. During ascents, the Power Seat provided very smooth pace of movement and ability to stop and inspect or otherwise perform duties without turning the device completely off. Additionally, the Power Seat was a vital piece of our rescue plan in the event raising an injured climber to the deck became necessary as lowering was not an option on this site. This function was tested and verified prior to the inspection in a warehouse setting. “

    Ingegnere Martin Berner of Bergstatt, "You can use the PowerSeat to reduce the effort needed to pulling up your equipment therefore conserving your strength for the job in hand."

    Ed Danby di Marine Results, "The PowerSeat allows for very precise positioning so I can have control over my work. This frees up personnel time and dispenses with difficult communication of the large distances between the deck and the top of a superyacht mast. Our company carries out projects on rigs of 75 metres or more in height.”

    Denis Farina of Shining snc,”In total we made 17 trips up the building over the first 2 days, this would have normally taken about 3 hours and half hour but by using the PowerSeat this only took 30 minutes, saving both time and above all a lot of physical effort!"

    Franco Bignami of Shining snc, “Normally we employ 4/5 men for this operation, using considerable physical effort to hoist the banner the 25 netres necessary for the installation. By using 2 PowerSeats we halved the work force needed to just 2 or 3 and greatly reduced the effort needed to hoist the banner! To see it ascend in less than 2 minutes was impressive!"

    Mike Jones, "I have extensively tested the Harken PowerSeat™, ascending the 34 metre Coastguard Tower at Calshot on Southampton Water and found the PowerSeat™ to be extremely effective, versatile, and supportive. Manoeuvring up and down was smooth and straightforward.”